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4K, Ultra HD, to sum it all up

Resolution is a measurement of pixels that make up an image; it is not an application. The functionality and quantity, and the questions addressing the increase of which depends on the areas of use, whether it be photography, film, or TV; interrelated across the applications, nevertheless. The progress in resolution is unstoppable, and the number […]

Ultra HD, what are the possibilites?

The image resolution can’t go anywhere but up, until it reaches a point where no discernible difference can be perceived with the human eye. But then again, who is to said that a new development, taking the form of a cool looking gadget, wouldn’t be invented to enhance the optics  so we could perceive the […]

4K Cameras

It is an exciting time as the industry progress into a higher level of image resolution, so are the numbers of 4K cameras available in the market is growing. Here are some of the popular 4K cameras on the market. The new codec, XAVC created by Sony handles 4K images, compressing them to a size […]

Ultra HD, the threats

Film cinematography survived digital, cinema survived HDTV, and the next opponent for both: Ultra HD Digital verses film photography, a heated debate since the coming of age of digital cameras; digital cinematography and film are also battling out in the realm of motion pictures. With more and more digital cinema advocates in the industry, increase […]

4K, Ultra HD, the next generation of resolution

Just when we have settled down after the transition from SD to HD, an even higher resolution is on its way of superseding the current norm, more familiar known as 4K, or as now becoming officially named: Ultra HD. The image above is a screen capture from the New Zealand documentary TimeScapes,  shot in 4k, (4096 […]