Ultra HD, what are the possibilites?

8K image, 8192 x 8192 pixels

8K image, 8192 x 8192 pixels

The image resolution can’t go anywhere but up, until it reaches a point where no discernible difference can be perceived with the human eye. But then again, who is to said that a new development, taking the form of a cool looking gadget, wouldn’t be invented to enhance the optics  so we could perceive the subtle differences?

8K UHDTV/Super Hi-vision

In terms of Television, 4K isn’t the limit anymore, even though it hasn’t standardise yet. The 8.3 megapixel isn’t large enough (the standard 4K UHDTV of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels) is already overcast by the 8K UHD in development. Having the resolution of    7680 × 4320, a mind-boggling 33.2 megapixels, that is 16 times the pixel count of Full HD. According to NHK research and development, with 4000 scan-line resolution (the horizontal pixel count in TV broadcasting system) running on 60fps, the detail is said to match 15/70mm IMAX. If that wasn’t enough, the 8K UHD is to pair with a 22.2 surround sound.

The tagline for ‘Super Hi-vision’ (another name for 8K TV) is “So real , you’ll forget you’re watching TV!”  You could feel right where the camera is, experience a new sense of reality, and seeing the pictures that are dynamic and immediate, but since it will never be the reality itself, it can only be a hyper reality, as Umberto Eco defined it as “The authentic fake”.

Panasonic 135-inch 8K Hi-vision

Panasonic 135-inch 8K Hi-vision

Also check out the video on 8K TV, a short interview with the product manager from Sharp, providing more information on the specs and developments.

This thing is so flat that it looks like it has only one-dimension; here is the new reality for you.

And here is another clip showing more clearly the content in these 8K displays.

However, to reach mainstream, this new piece of technology still faces many challenges: technicalities aside, the cost and content will be the two biggest factors.

New audio-visual experience

The headline image is a screen capture from a short, experimental film mastered at 8k, 60fps in 3D, VORTEX, and it is projected in stereoscopic fulldome. Quoting the creator of it, Aaron Bradbury, ‘it is an experiment in the audio-visual language of immersive environments.’ Follow this link with more details on project Vortex, and samples available for viewing.


The possibility of high, ultra  and above-all-that-exists-at-the-present resolution in the visual world is endless. Our perception and visual perspectives, and how we view the world will be challenged and enhanced (?). When a piece of technology has become available or the root of it being visible, naturally, we experiment and develop it further. And by incorporating with other developments, a new form takes shape.

What about installing a 8K display into Hi-can? It is basically a bed integrating flaps, ventilation, a hi-fi system with DVD player, which the developer Edoardo Carlino is calling it with a rather fancy name ‘High fidelity Canopy’.  Imagine lying in this cocoon, watching Casablanca in 8K with 22.2 stereo sound, how real would that be?




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