4K, Ultra HD, to sum it all up

Resolution is a measurement of pixels that make up an image; it is not an application. The functionality and quantity, and the questions addressing the increase of which depends on the areas of use, whether it be photography, film, or TV; interrelated across the applications, nevertheless. The progress in resolution is unstoppable, and the number undoubtedly will go nowhere but up, as we have seen, 8K UHD is already lurking in the background.

As I mentioned above, across the different medium, especially film and TV, the success of which is interrelated. Will Ultra HD go quietly away like 3D TVs? This will depend on how well the market accepts digital cinema, and for which to become more mainstream, further development on the capture devices and the handling of larger raw data by the post production facilities are also key factors.

Once the content becomes more available, the audience may still accept it or reject it. Then we are facing a chicken or egg question: In the case of 3D not living up to its expectations, is it because the lacking of good content or because there is little demand for it which leads to decrease in content output and quality? In a chain reaction affecting 3D TV sales, the 4K UHDTV could equally go down the same road, however, only time will tell whether the audience accept it or not.

One last thing to think about: image fidelity and image quality

Image fidelity is how close the reproduced represents the original, whereas image quality is a subjective preference of one image over the other. With the increase of resolution, the details are rendered more accurately since there are more samples representing the original. However, by stepping back, away from the dazzling screen, the impressive numbers and specs, does high fidelity equals a better image quality? and should we embrace the new aesthetics of hyper or virtual reality?

For more information on Ultra HD and the discussions regarding the applications, please view the following sites:

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NHK digital http://www.nhk.or.jp/digital/en/super_hi/index.html



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