4K Cameras

It is an exciting time as the industry progress into a higher level of image resolution, so are the numbers of 4K cameras available in the market is growing. Here are some of the popular 4K cameras on the market.

The new codec, XAVC created by Sony handles 4K images, compressing them to a size that’s possible to store internally on PMW-F55 4K camera, soon to be released.



Canon EOS C500, looking similar to C300 camera, outputs 4K raw uncompressed footage to an external recording device, capturing 4K and 2K images, as well as full HD.

Canon C500

Canon C500

Red’s Epic is very popular and it is capable of capturing 5K images. Films shot with Epic: The Hobbit, Oz: the Great and Powerful, Hitchcock, The Great Gatsby (2013), Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo, and so on.

Red Epic

Red Epic

Other 4K cameras include JVC HMQ10, and GoPro Hero3 black.

The size of the images created by these cameras produces a large amount of 4K data, and so an external recorder box,such as the AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K, is needed in the whole  shooting package.

AJA_KiPro_Quad mounting ong Canon_EOS C500

AJA_KiPro_Quad mounting ong Canon_EOS C500


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